The perfect Coffee for Cold Brew

Cold Brew and pour over coffee

What is Cold Brew Coffee?


It is said that the cold brew coffee method came about at a time when travelers did not have the luxury of electricity to freshly brew their coffee. In order, not to give up their beloved coffee stimulant, the Dutch on their journeys through the Asian colonies in the 17th century, invented a particularly gentle method of making coffee without the use of hot water - the cold drip coffee. Cold water passes drop by drop into a container of ground coffee enabling the extraction of 90% of its flavor elements and 15% of oils and acids. This results in a mild-soft taste, with the same caffeine content as a hot brewed coffee. The smooth but very aromatic coffee concentration is diluted with water and offers a refreshing alternative which a hot coffee cannot keep up with.


Recipe Cold Brew


The coffees mentioned below are in our opinion varieties perfect for this preparation, you can also experiment with other coffee varieties to personalize your cold brew.


We recommend filter ground coffee

Kenya Ndurutu Direct Trade Coffee

Suitable for a filter preparation, but can also be enjoyed as a fruity espresso. The sweet taste is dominated by redcurrants and lime however is nicely in balance with notes of cane sugar and honey.


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Äthiopien Bench Maji Wild Forrest Coffee 100% Organic

This wild-grown, medium-strong coffee, with its typical African spicy taste, is very balanced in acidity.

Slightly fruity, chocolatey aromas combined with woody notes which are typical for the Ethiopian coffee.

A unique mocha aroma.

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